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Ben Batchelder has traveled some of the world's most remote roads. Nothing in his background, from a degree in Visual & Environmental Studies at Harvard to an MBA from Wharton, adequately prepared him for the experiences. Yet he persists, for through such journeys life unfolds. Having published four books that map the inner and exterior geographies of meaningful travel, he is a mountain man in Minas Gerais, Brazil who comes down to the sea at Miami Beach, Florida. His second travel yarn, To Belém & Back, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. For more, visit

pa 78 work in progress show 4

An interactive art intervention in Andover, Mass. was a success over the weekend, drawing over fifty people. Eighty-three 11×14 B&W images taken during the mid-70s were shown. In accordance with their “analog” processing (no digital interference or manipulation whatsoever), commenting was encouraged via post-its – an analog version of social […]

pastors are failing US miserably

I recently accepted a new challenge: as an opinion journalist. The just launched The Miami Independent (Miami’s “premier investigative newspaper”) pre-launched my first contribution on America’s spiritual collapse. The editor advised me the ticker counting views was added late, and that the piece has already received thousands of views. See […]