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The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public HealthThe Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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Imagine a dystopian future where a leviathan federal bureaucracy is captured by a colossal global industry and, corrupting all of society’s major power brokers, jettisons the public good in favor of power, money, and control. Robert F Kennedy Jr., in his blockbuster book (dutifully censored and ignored by all the power brokers), warns that we are living a far, far worse present.

Though many of the left are unaware of it, this is not a partisan issue. RFK Jr is a life-long Democrat, a scion of America’s royal political family. Dr. Naomi Wolf, also a life-long Democrat and now repented Biden booster, is one of the clarion voices warning of an onrushing tyranny. Much of the blame of our current situation belongs to Trump, who despite good instincts allowed himself to be streamrolled and is inexplicably still touting the experimental gene therapies (EGTs) as a panacea when they are so tragically not.

I dare anyone with an open mind to read The Real Anthony Fauci and not come away trembling for the nation’s future. As the author argues conclusively, we are living through the planned and systematic destruction of democracy, civil rights, and Constitutional law.

As a clear example, the lockdowns were used

“to suppress dissent, to compel obedience to arbitrary dictates, and to manage the rage that comes as Americans finally wake up to the fact that this outlaw gang has stolen our democracy, our civil rights, our country, and our way of life – while we huddled in orchestrated fear from a flu-like virus.” [p.35]

When I picked up the book, I thought the focus on Fauci (and Gates to a lesser degree) to be unnecessary, surely individual bureaucrats, or even corporate titans, can’t be the masters of our fate?

Instead, I’ve come away with a new respect for the mover-and-shaker view of history, that individuals can and do move world events – for the very worse.

Now, the individual “bending the arc of history” may be RFK Jr., already the subject of corporate media hit pieces. A trial lawyer by training, he is a public health expert who has led Children’s Health Defense for several decades and, admittedly, is a long-time vaccine skeptic – not an “anti-vaxxer” as besmirched, having taken all the requisite jabs until recently.

His book is elegantly written and contains nearly 2,100 citations – which, helpfully, confirm the source of many key information pieces I’ve picked up over the months. His accusations are devastating and meticulously backed up. As he points out in a recent interview, his book and site are so thoroughly fact checked that he has never, not once, been sued by those he accuses of the most heinous crimes.

No wonder the elites must engage in the politics of personal destruction: he is a ballistic missel set, if enough Americans read him, to detonate the corrupt order at its very heart.

Where to start?

It is RFK Jr’s contention that numerous bad actors have been planning and prepping for just such a global pandemic in order to destroy the foundations of Western democracies and liberties. Up front he underlines “2020’s historic coup d’etat against Western democracy.” [p.26] Essentially the “color revolutions” that our spook agencies developed to overthrow foreign regimes have been turned inward – starting around the time of Trump’s first election. Does his sound outlandish? I thought so at first.

He traces the initiative to 9/11 and the anthrax scare that immediately followed. America’s intelligence cartel, after losing its Cold War justification, soon settled upon the never-ending War on Terror (how can one ever defeat Terror?) and – wait for it – Biosecurity.

Worse, since playing with bioweapons quickly became too hot by half, such research could only be made “legitimate” through defensive, not offensive, operations – that is, through multifaceted vaccine research. As he explains later in the book: “Since germ weaponry was still illegal, vaccines became a critical euphamism for the revival of the multibillion-dollar bioweapons industry.” [p.817]

In fact, as pointed out with the myriad Germ Games (or wargames discussed later), “The ‘global war’ against infectious diseases provided the rationale for oppressive government and corporate interventions. The arsenal for this war is the endless batteries of mandated vaccines to combat the diseases weaponized by gain-of-function experiments and marketed by sophisticated government/corporate propaganda.” [p.852]

Concerns surrounding bioweapon leaks led the Obama administration to admirably implement a moratorium in 2014, which caused gain-of-function research (essentially, weaponization) to be off-shored by the NIH, NIAID, etc. to where else? To Wuhan.

Not surprisingly, a massive censorship campaign geared up to suppress and belittle as “conspiracy theory” that SARS-CoV-2 leaked from the Wuhan Lab, even though science and common sense overwhelmingly support the claim.

The monolithic discipline of the virology caste and its capacity to rigorously enforce its omerta effectively silenced debate on COVID-19 origins for a year. [p.625]

Underemphasized is that this diversionary tactic (that is, censorship and suppression) has crippled our response to the virus, which has yet to be fully mapped, causing millions of extra deaths worldwide.

What happened to Americans who, so admirably skeptical of authority figures since colonial times, now appear so gullible?

Enter the highest paid federal employee and bureaucrat in history, Anthony Fauci, who was first sainted by the press in 1994 with an editorial approvingly titled “The Canonization of Anthony Fauci.” [p.410] (Even though by then, as RFK Jr points out, he was already responsible for upwards of a quarter million of gay men deaths, due to his inexplicable support of the HIV drug AZT.)

His recent behavior, once the old has been revealed, comes as less of a surprise:

Science, like democracy, flourishes on scepticism toward official orthodoxies. Dr Fauci’s schoolboy scorn for citation and his acknowledgment to the New York Times that he has twice lied to the Americans to promote his agenda – on masks and herd immunity – raise the prospect that some of his other “scientific” assertions were, likewise, noble lies to a credulous public he believes is unworthy of self-determination. [p.28]

The false prophet aspect of Fauci is unmistakable:

It is a hazard to both democracy and public health when a kind of religious faith in authoritative pronouncements supplants disciplined observation, rigorous proofs, and reproducible results as the source of “truth” in the medical field…. The term “settled science” is an oxymoron. The admonishment that we should “trust the experts” is a trope of authoritarianism. [p.400]

How did it happen, then, that the public good could be stripped from public health?

It took many administrations to destroy public health policy – including conservative ones.

The original sin that led to our current public health disaster occurred during the Carter administration, when an induced panic over the swine flu led to a hasty, unsafe vaccine being fobbed on the entire US adult population. (Lucky for then, early safety signals led to its near immediate withdrawal.) Besides demonstrating governmental incompetence, the crisis created a long term shift in the state’s relation with industry:

The 1976 swine flu event was the first time that the federal government agreed to serve as pharma’s insurer. The episode taught the public an important lesson: tort immunity incentivizes dangerous and ineffective vaccines. [p.752]

Within several years,

The 1980 Bayh-Dole Act allowed NIAID – and Dr. Fauci personally – to file patents on the hundreds of new drugs his agency-funded PIs [Principal Investigators] were incubating, and then to license those drugs to pharmaceutical companies and collect royalties on their sales. NIAID’s drug development enterprise quickly eclipsed HHS’s regulatory function. Millions of dollars began flowing in from drug royalties to NIH and to NIAID’s high-level personnel, including Dr. Fauci. [p.527]

During the Reagan administration in 1984, the out-of-control train called the federal bureaucracy revealed its authoritarian bent:

Any possible doubts, whether or not well-founded, about the safety of a vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccines will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation’s “public health objectives.” – Fed Register Vol. 49 No 107 [p.711]

Bureaucratic diktats, in other words, easily trump the Bill of Rights.

Under the Clinton administration, a seemingly benign liberalization of advertising, the “FDA’s 1997 consequential decision to allow pharmaceutical advertising on television,” [p.471] created the conditions for one industry’s (Big Parma’s) total corruption of corporate media – paving the way for the joint state/corporate propaganda that dominates our day.

The AIDS panic in many ways mirrors our own. Dr. Fauci’s now signature fearmongering was on prominent display. So much so, that “The hysteria following Fauci’s dystopian prediction[s] prompted Der Spiegel to warn that AIDS infections would entirely exterminate the German population by 1992.” [p.349]

Similar to Fauci’s vanity treatment drug remdesivir (called “Run-death-is-near” by nurses), “AZT became the AIDS ‘therapy’ even though in the recommended dosage it was fatal….kill[ing] 330,000 gay men between 1987 and 2019.” [p.382] Isolated incidences of journalism have occurred, as when one WSJ reporter complained the medical community has failed “to acknowledge complicity in poisoning hundreds of thousands of human beings. The illness and death that resulted from high AZT doses administered in the 1980s and 1990s is irrefutable.” [p.496]

But that didn’t dissuade the irrepressible Dr. Fauci from getting the Bush administration on board for a massive African dumping of a successor (and also lethal) HIV drug called Nevirapine – which Canadians regulators rejected “due to it potent toxicity and dubious efficacy.” [p.553] Targeted toward healthy pregnant mothers and their babies, the drug suffered extensive fraud and failures in African trials, yet Dr Fauci was able to get the WHO to rubberstamp it and

begin shipping this lethal concoction to developing nations globally to use on pregnant women. “It’s a mystery why Neverapine was ever developed, launched, or marketed to the developing world the way it was,” says journalist Celia Farber, “since it was rejected by every single Western drug safety agency – every single time. [p.568]

Dr Fauci’s record of career-long failure is captured neatly by RFK Jr. who claims he “has presided over cataclysmic declines in public health…[and] has made the ‘Fauci generation’ – children born after his elevation to NIAID kingpin in 1984 – the sickest generation in American history…serving as pincushions for 69 mandated vaccine doses by age 18 – none of them properly safety tested.” [p.36]

Where is the proof? Out in plain view:

Under Dr. Fauci’s leadership, the allegeric, autoimmune, and chronic illnesses which Congress specifically charged NIAID to investigate and prevent, have mushroomed to afflict 54 percent of children, up from 12.8 percent when he took over NIAID in 1984. [p.37]

So why is it important to review Anthony Fauci’s murderous history? Because we are all fools to have listened to him for a minute, and the same deadly tricks he developed over nearly 40 years as the NIAID rainmaker and kingpin were deployed during our current crisis.

Before we review in more detail some of his sordid history – which includes what can only be called child sacrifice and blatant racism – how could one man come to dominate the entire medical establishment?

The answer belongs in the long list of government/industry collusions already mentioned and in one budget number:

Today, Dr. Fauci’s NIAID alone controls $7.6 billion in annual discretionary expenditures that he distributes mainly to PIs around the globe. [p.315]

That immense power, plus four decades of manipulating the system and corrupting every corner of the medical establishment with people beholden to him, corrupts immensely. As one interviewee observed to the author: “Science costs money and he who dispenses the money can control the science.” [p.479]

That is why the book is titled The Real Anthony Fauci and how it is required reading for every student of pubic policy – as well as all citizens concerned with the country’s future.

We’ll look at some of the disturbing details that foreshadow our current medical and political catastrophe in this review’s next instalment.


Robert F Kennedy Jr., The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, 2001, Skyhorse Publishing, digital version 934 pages total

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  • H. Friedricson

    Great Review, i’m a “fan” of RFK je. still since bis book about ” crimes against nature”
    Thank you for you detailled book Review,

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    H. Friedricson

    • ben Post author

      Mr Friedricson,
      Thank you for your kind words, all the more appreciated from being from so far.
      I plan to further detail RFK Jr’s very alarming exposé, as the truth must get out.
      My sincerest condolences for the EGT and mandate darkness into which Germany, Austria, the Netherlands are so quickly descending – with the U.S. soon to follow unless we wake up. May God bless and protect you from the tyranny.