My World Book: a travel memoir on life’s most dangerous miles

A short trailer to launch My World Book 2: Tramping the Globe on $10 a Day, which ponders: at what cost comes such freedom?


My World Book 2

(recently published by EARTHDOG PRESS)


We are pleased to announce the publishing and launch of My World Book 2: Tramping the Globe on $10 a Day, Ben’s fourth and most personal work, which completes his My World Book series.  

The launch took place at southern Florida’s premier independent bookseller, Books & Books, in Coral Gables, on Friday, November 8th, with an engaged, capacity crowd.  The Q&A went on for much longer than Ben’s presentation titled “How Lost Can a Lost American Get?” A pleasant reception, hosted by Earthdog Press, followed, and then continued under the stars in the book shop’s Mediterranean courtyard.

If you would like to see the event’s livestreaming, click here.


Recent News



The book recently received its Brazilian national launch in the remote colonial village of Tiradentes, Minas Gerais, with over 30 people participating.

The launch, highlighted by looping of the book’s launch video, was complemented by an photo exhibition also by the author.  This was nearly the author’s 40th book event in the past 8 years.


Book Preview



Fresh out of college, a lost American despairs of his new career, chaotic life, and diseased family. When an invitation to Scotland falls into the depths of a New York winter, he grabs at the chance to renew himself.

On a whim, he decides to save money, fly to Europe, and travel east to the ends of the earth, on $10 a day for a year or more.

Here is the story of his odyssey: staying at German castles; losing several passports to thieves; disastrous brushes with lost bags, malicious customs officials, Cairo scam artists, and Thai police; dogged much of the time by illness.

It is a tale of a young man losing his innocence, awakening politically, falling in love, and finding the support, and resourcefulness, to pull through the most dangerous miles of his life.

Here, the second book’s journey plunges from Cairo to the Cape, and then far beyond.



My World Book 1

(recently published by EARTHDOG PRESS)


The first of the series, My World Book 1 was launched in October 2018, also in Coral Gables, Florida, to an over-capacity crowd of 40+.  


Praise for My World Book 1: Hitching the Glob on $10 a Day


“Everyone dreams of running away from their responsibilities and simply roaming the world in search of adventure, and this memoir does an excellent job . . . . Part guidebook, part insight into complex family dynamics, part personal journal. . .[t]he writing is strong and entertaining. . .an engaging book.”

– The BookLife Prize, Publishers Weekly

“Equipped with little more than knapsack and an inquiring spirit, Batchelder rambles through Europe and beyond. Like all worthy travel books, this is really a book about life.”

– Michael Cannell, author of Incendiary, and former editor at The New York Times

“With candor and insight Ben Batchelder tells the story of his youthful hitch-hiking through Europe. . . . Going solo, traveling light, the young adventurer experiences the pain of loneliness and opens his heart to love.”

– Miriam Levine, author of Devotion: A Memoir and the poetry collection Saving Daylight


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