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You’re invited to a reading & discussion of To Belém & Back at one of Miami’s top museums, the Wolfsonian, on Friday, March 4th, 7pm.

The Wolf Book Club, on the heels of the museum’s tropical Philodendron show, selected my Brazilian adventure for this month’s selection, as announced here.

Free to Wolf members and first time visitors to the book club (2nd floor, in the Wolf’s stylish conference room, not usually open to the public).  Arrive punctually at museum entrance to be escorted upstairs.

My 20′ film “Tiradentes2Belém” will also be shown, for its US debut.

A few questions, to stimulate discussion:

1. Compare/contrast the colonization of Brazil vs. US.

2. What transformations, if any, does the author experience on his roadtrip through backroads Brazil?

3. How does the author’s approach differ from that of many other writers of travel yarns?


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  • ben Post author

    I am so grateful to the 19 people who packed the Wolf’s conference room on Friday and made this book club presentation one of my favorite book events of the last year and a half, which averaged an event per month. Not only did over a dozen friends honor me by participating in their first Wolf book club meeting, but the core of Wolf book clubbers who attended are among the most insightful readers of the book to date. Your comments and encouragement greatly humbled me.