“to belém & back” tiradentes launch

set-upThe final large event of 2015, To Belém & Back’s Mineiro launch, with the film debut and photo exhibit that attended it, is drawing to a close.  Last week’s re-screening of “Tiradentes2Belém” was a wonderful way to wind things down, as 43 people attended, with many good questions and kind compliments in the Q&A session that followed.  [see thumbnails for captions]

It was an excellent venue for me to express my  gratitude, not only to the Yves Alves Cultural Center and its very helpful and encouraging team, but to so many friends in Tiradentes and São João del Rei who have welcomed me so graciously over the years.  This was the last large book event accompanied by a photo exhibit (and, in this case, a film debut too), among the dozen plus events of the last 15 months that launched two books.  The black & white photos, which were created without any digital processing whatsoever, will come down next week.  Over 700 people signed the guest book and I was able in person to guide many friends through the exhibition.  I’ll miss it when it comes down.  The album above includes a few of the images associated with this 2 ½ month event.

Our regional TV station very graciously granted me two interviews, in Portuguese, to promote the opening and the more recent film screening.

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