september “To Belém & Back” readings

Rosane, Marilda, and Dri, a lovely Brazilian trioContinuing the U.S. launch of To Belém & Back, there were three book events in mid-September on the Upper East Coast: a book club reading in Winchester, MA, followed by an open book launch event in Brookline, MA, followed by one in New York’s West Village.  Among the innovations for these readings were the appearance of Zeno (my black Lab) and a new video of Brazilian images.

A 5 minute clip from one of the readings:

For me, the greatest pleasure of these events is to make new friends and to see old ones, many of whom I haven’t seen in decades.  So good attendance, with 10 or so at the book club, 25 in Brookline, and a dozen or so in the West Village, is a blessing.  Thirty books were also sold (at bargain prices): another boon, for getting as many books into the hands of motivated readers is a prime objective.  Sincere thanks to all of my gracious hosts and to all those who attended.  I loved seeing you all!  [see thumbnails for captions]

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